Daniel D. Shaw

Node.js engineer, startup advisor, developer mentor, web dork, polyglot, skater dood, career fullback and father.


I'm a Node.js Engineering on the Voxer platform team. We make a mobile-first app that integrates push-to-talk walkie-talkie voice, text messaging, and photo sharing for one-on-one private sharing or many-to-many groups.

I created the Voxer summer internship program, Summer of Node.js.

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The Node Firm

I founded The Node Firm with Mikeal, Nuno, Paolo and Pedro. Our mission is to help companies of all sizes be successful with Node.js.

My special area of interest is helping startups effectively use Node.js. If you're planning a startup and are considering using Node.js, I'd love to talk to you.

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Open Source

I'm passionate about building realtime systems with Node.js. Common building blocks of my software is Node.js (of course), Express, Socket.io, Redis, and ZeroMQ.

Some of my favorite modules that I've created are mixture, blogit, history, proc, socket.io-announce, and socket.io-zero.

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I helped launch two successful San Francisco based start-ups: Storify and Spreecast.

I was the Lead Engineer at Storify and we had a full-stack JavaScript platform with Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

At Spreecast we used Node.js with Express and Socket.io for realtime communication. I implemented the first production Socket.io RedisStore implementation creating a highly scalable Socket.io deployment.


Geeklist provides a way to store, share and promote technical accomplishments. I use Geeklist to network with fellow developers and post information about what I'm working on.

If you haven't signed up already, use this invite code to get beta access.

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